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Forgive me Interwebs…

It’s been several WEEKS since my last update.

Well, Eldest heads back to college Wednesday morning. We leave at 5am. Oy. Luckily, it’s within 3.5-4 hrs of our home in New Jersey.  She (we) have been packing for what seems like days on end. She’s going back with a ton of food – including a few baggies of frozen homemade Mama meals.  I hope she has a chill roommate. At  least she only has one roommate this year. Last year, it was a triple room situation and it was TIGHT in there.

So, Youngest has been slacking a bit on her summer reading. I feel like I am all over her ass, nagging her to get her assignments completed and out of the way. I am so proud of all she’s done…  she is taking on some extra classes this year. I hope she isn’t overloaded.

I worry … Lordy, all I seem to DO is worry. And nag… and fuss… Ugh! I’ve got to change. Maybe lower some expectations that I have heaped up on myself.


I need to read this every day. I hope I do become the Mom I want them to remember.